Here at the site you will find many maps of our world’s biodiversity. In other words, maps of how many different kinds of plants and animals are in different parts of the world. Mapping is part of my work as a conservation scientist, and this site is an attempt to share results from that work to facilitate teaching and research by others.

Global maps found here include many of terrestrial and marine animals. These are based on data from the IUCN (mammals and amphibians) and BirdLife International (birds). For the USA, you will find more detailed maps summarizing all the terrestrial vertebrates, freshwater fish, and trees, as well as a map of conservation priorities for the country. For Brazil, which is where I am based, the maps currently include birds, mammals, and amphibians. There is also a section devoted exclusively to the world’s ocean, covering a wide variety of marine species.

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GIS-ready datasets are available on the Download page.

A description of the methods used to prepare the biodiversity maps can be found here.

A list of the most recent updates can be found here.