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conus mordeirae

 Lobsters of the world (click maps to enlarge)


Maps of lobster diversity include the total species richness, small-ranged species, and species considered to be data-deficient by the IUCN. Also included is a map of priorities for lobster conservation. Species considered small-ranged are those with a geographic range size smaller than the global median (i.e., the 50% of species with the smallest ranges). Maps are based on data from the IUCN, August 2014 update.

Data were originally published with the article,
Jenkins, C.N. & K. Van Houtan. (in press). Global and regional priorities for marine biodiversity protection. Biological Conservation doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2016.10.005 (PDF)

Maps use the Eckert IV equal-area projection centered at 160W. Maps represent native, extant species only. GIS data and tables of the species included are available for download at Dryad here.

A zip file with higher resolution jpegs of the above maps can be downloaded here.

Clinton N. Jenkins, Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

IPÊ Instituto de Pequisas Ecológicas